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We provide veterinarians and those in the veterinarian industry information with easy to understand guides, assessments and information for use in everyday life. 

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Supporting our veterinarians with animal muscle health information and literature.

Our exclusive veterinary blog with posts tailored for those in the industry.

Veterinary industry information, guides, assessments and more for use in everyday life. 

We have transformed our research & development into an informative e-series on animal muscle health and longevity.


Myos Vet Strength Canine Muscle Formula

Veterinary professionals (veterinarians) looking to authorize the use of Myos Vet Strength Canine Muscle Formula and have access to real time purchasing via our Verified Vet Portal.

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A great spot as an introduction to MYOS Canine Muscle Formula for veterinary and animal muscle health industry professionals.

Our free Animal Muscle Health Series includes CE Courses, Lunch & Learn Meetings, Practice Posters & Resources and our growing Veterinary blog. 

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Veterinary Advisory Board

The MYOS Veterinary Advisory Board is a diverse group of leaders within the animal muscle health industry.

The board is a collaborative organization that acts as a sounding board for the owners, directors and company. 

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