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MYOS’ mission is to boldly advance the field of animal muscle health through the development of innovative, advanced nutrition products that are safe, natural, effective and backed by rigorous, peer reviewed scientific research.

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Exclusive Vet Strength Formula

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Natures Multivitamin

All natural supplement includes Fortetropin®, a bioactive ingredient made from fertilized egg yolks using a patented process. Fortetropin® encourages lean muscle mass and growth in dogs.

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Includes BCAA

Contains additional branched-chain amino acids (BCCA's) for added muscle support. Includes L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-valine.

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Only available with veterinarian authorization.

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A Resource for Canine Longevity

Recent Publications

An Overview of the Clinical Research Behind Fortetropin®

Sep 09, 2021 Neerav Dilip Padliya, Ph.D.

Nutritional Supplementation Considerations for Racing Dogs

Aug 11, 2021 Neerav Dilip Padliya, Ph.D.

Dr. Albert Ahn on Doctor Radio - XM Radio

Jan 07, 2021 MYOS PET

Our very own Dr. Albert Ahn recently appeared on Doctor Radio on XM Radio to discuss the importance of muscle health in our pets.

MYOS Animal Health 

As the owner of the worlds most advanced animal muscle support and longevity product for animals and with multiple clinical studies, we provide veterinarians and those in the veterinarian information with easy to understand guides, assessments and information for use in everyday life. 

Here are our top five canine muscle support & longevity articles:

Addressing Muscle Atrophy in Dogs
Natural Sources of Carbohydrates for Dogs
The 6 Minute Walk Test
Balancing Sources of Healthy Fats for Dogs
Aging Gracefully

Myos is also active within the veterinarian community including top organizations such as DVM360, Veterinary Practice News, and others. We have compiled an in depth resource section, glossary and index of clinical studies and articles on the power of Fortetropin and its impact on animal health.