5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

5 Ways Keep Your Dog Active This Winter

The chill in the air is much more noticeable these days as we head into winter. But just because the weather makes outdoor play a challenge, that doesn’t mean your dog can’t stay active.  Here are five creative ways to encourage play indoors.


Have a Treasure Hunt
This game involves your dog using their nose to find their favorite treat or toy. Gather empty boxes or containers, place them upside down and spread them around a room. Only place their treasure under one or two of the boxes. Your dog will have fun moving around the room trying to sniff out his favorite toy or tasty treat.


Set Up a Play Date
Invite a friend or neighbor’s dog over for a play date. Play dates are a great way to keep dogs active and help with socialization. You’ll want to designate a play area, like the basement, garage or play pen so the dogs don’t get injured running freely around the house (and so your house stays neat and clean).


Teach Your Dog New Tricks
Even if your dog has been thoroughly trained, an old dog can learn new tricks.  You can teach your dog fun tricks using commands like “roll over”, “shake”, “spin”, and more. You can also give your pet advanced training if you sign them up for a group class, which also provides extra social time to help keep your dog happy.


Chasing Bubbles
Chasing bubbles is a great way to keep your dog entertained during freezing days. It will keep your pet entertained, active and happy. Just make sure you buy dog-friendly bubbles.


If your furry friend needs to learn how to chase bubbles. Here's your step by step to get them ready to play:

  1. Begin by blowing one or two bubbles at a time.
  2. Try pointing to the bubbles.
  3. Encourage your dog with treats to catch the bubbles.


There are many dog exercises, but chasing bubbles is super fun and physically demanding, even for five minutes. Give it a go.


Go to the Mall
Take your well-behaved pooch to the mall or other indoor, pet-friendly store. You probably won’t be the only pet owner who decided to pack up your dog and head out to get some walking time. Many indoor malls and shopping centers encourage pet lovers to come with their furry friends.


Keeping your dog active inside during the winter months keeps them happy and healthy, so play on!




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