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Worked wonders for 12 year old dog!

We started to add this to our 12 year old Lab mix's food 2x per day and we've seen a huge difference. Our senior dog was starting to lose muscle mass in his back legs and was having accidents in the house because he was unable to warn us when he needed to have a bm. He was also having trouble getting on the bed and sofa. Since starting to add this to his food he hasn't had any accidents and has a much easier time jumping onto the bed and sofa! It's definitely a noticeable difference in his leg strength and muscle definition. We are so thankful for this product! I was hesitant because of the price, but it's definitely worth it.

Catie tomey

October 2, 2023

I Believe It Saved My Cat's Life

I couldn't rave about MYOS enough. For 3 years I'd struggled with my senior calico cat Marble to gain and retain weight. As a petite framed cat already, weighing 7.5 lbs at her heaviest, it was alarming when she started to lose weight in 2020 going from 7 lbs to 5 lbs within the span of 5 months and she began to act more and more lethargic. MOS was our 9th attempt at helping her gain weight and it helped Marble gain and retain the weight as soon as we started! She even loves the flavor of it, refusing to eat her dry food until it's mixed in! A picky eater to begin with, she will clean a full bowl of her prescription dry food AND her supplemental wet food three times a day. She's much more filled out at a lean 6 lbs as of October 2023. Even now at 15 years old she's still able to jump to the top of our lifted bed with ease, and climb to the top of her cat tower near the ceiling with no additional supplements or medications needed. Her quality of life has so dramatically improved thanks to MYOS; I couldn't thank them enough for helping save my beloved Marble.


February 11, 2024

Fabulous product

My Cocker, on the left, had a tear in his ACL my Vet put him on the Myos Veterinary formula muscle milk. He had lost a little muscle due to the injury. After a couple of weeks he was back running, no limping at all. Shawna, the other Cocker, is on it also. They are both Agility dogs. They absolutely love this product!! Thanks!!! Reviewed by…CH Saratoga’s Need For Speed…”Maverick”CH Saratoga’s Alternate Design…”Shawna”

Penny Hamblin

June 15, 2023

Made a huge difference for my boy!

My boy suffered from a blood clot that paralyzed him 6 months ago, resulting in him having a hind leg amputated while the other remained paralyzed. He lost a lot of muscle because of it. While he worked to be mobile and we took him to physical therapy, it was only until I discovered this product that he started gaining back muscle and standing better on his leg. In only 3 weeks, we could see a vast improvement! Unfortunately, he passed away less than a month later. Highly recommend not just for preventing muscle loss, but also for building back muscle.Photo shows how little muscle he had. Video is of him 3 weeks into taking Myos. The muscle difference is amazing. I wish I had found this product sooner. later. Still, Myos gave him mobility and made his last month with us even better 💙


April 7, 2023

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