About Fortetropin®

Fortetropin® is a proprietary advanced nutrition product developed and owned by MYOS that has been shown in multiple veterinary and human clinical studies to build muscle and reduce muscle loss due to aging or injury. 

Clinically Proven

Research at Kansas State University has proven that Fortetropin® helps minimize muscle loss while improving recovery after dogs undergo a common orthopedic surgical procedure. Countless positive testimonials as well as scientific research show that Myos Canine Muscle Formula® works, especially in building muscle and minimizing muscle atrophy. If your dog is experiencing muscle loss, Myos Canine Muscle Formula is truly a must-have to keep him youthful and healthy!

Scientifically Proven

Scientific research has proven that Fortetropin® up-regulates the muscle building pathway and down-regulates the muscle destruction pathway which result in more lean muscle. Clinical research has shown that Fortetropin® promotes muscle growth and development.

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Our Patented Process

The main ingredient, Fortetropin®, is a bioactive ingredient made from fertilized egg yolks using a patented process. 

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A Natural Source of Minerals & Vitamins

Fortetropin encourages lean muscle mass and growth in dogs. Fortetropin is also a natural source of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. 

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Clinically Proven

Myos Canine Muscle Formula is clinically proven to build muscle and reduce muscle loss. 

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