Active Dog Month Highlight: Tobi the Dock Diving Dane

As we enter April, which happens to be Active Dog Month, we want to celebrate our furry friends who embody the spirit of adventure and vitality a little extra! To do so, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on Tobi the Dock Diving Dane, an extraordinary canine who is making a splash in the incredible world of dock diving!


Tobi is a 6.5 year old Great Dane who started dock diving with North America Diving Dogs (NADD) last year. Since then, he has earned his Dock Senior and Master title and was ranked #4 Great Dane in distance for his first ever season.



Just this past month, Tobi jumped his new personal best of 25ft 6 inches, which is only 1 foot short of the current Great Dane record jump of 26ft and 3 inches! 


To help Tobi stay strong and active, his owner has been giving him MYOS Canine Muscle Formula for the past 2 years. Tobi's owner told us, "MYOS is helping keep those muscles strong to push his 130 pound body up and out over 25ft! The start of his Dock diving career he was jumping 15-18ft and has slowly gotten better since. A little hard work and MYOS has definitely brought him in the right direction!” 


Tobi's incredible story captures the essence of Active Dog Month, and proves just how amazing our furry friends can be.  Here's to a lifetime of vitality, adventure, and love with our beloved companions!

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