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Aging Gracefully: Reasons to Give Your Dog Myos Canine Muscle Formula as He Ages

Our dogs are our family and, just like any other family member, they inevitably age.


However, one key difference between the various ways your dog age and how humans age is that your dog ages so much faster. You may have heard how many people equate one dog year to seven human years (that’s right, your dog may actually be older than you, by a lot!)


Unfortunately, since dogs age much faster than humans, age-related health concerns and complications may creep up on them way faster than you might think. Laziness, muscle pain, and weight loss or gain are all-natural side effects of getting older.


It’s sad to watch your dog go through body changes and complications no matter what his age may be. That’s why we’ve created a product to help combat your dog’s age-related muscle loss and lethargy.


It Solves a Common Problem

As dogs become seniors, like humans, they usually lose their athletic tendencies and muscle, and their bodies begin to take much longer to recover from everything from daily exercise to surgery.


Although it’s important to exercise your dog to combat these signs of aging, doing so is simply not enough. That’s why it’s important to give Myos Canine Muscle Formula to your senior dog. It will help him to age gracefully and maintain a healthy and youthful personality as he approaches his senior years.


Adding this cutting-edge formula to your dog's diet can help to support his muscle health, leading to numerous benefits such as enhanced energy and strength.


It’s One-Of-A-Kind

Myos Canine Muscle Formula contains only one natural ingredient: Fortetropin. Fortetropin is an all-natural bioactive composition made from fertilized egg yolks.


What makes Fortetropin® unique is our patented process that preserves the biological integrity of the egg, while simultaneously pressure pasteurizing it. In doing so, our revolutionary egg yolks are all-natural and contain complex molecules, found in no other edible eggs, that have been clinically proven to increase muscle mass and size.


It’s All-Natural

So many dog foods, supplements, and treats are full of GMOs and fillers. We pride ourselves on the fact that Myos Canine Muscle Formula is made from one natural ingredient. We believe that if we want to keep our dogs strong and healthy, that starts with feeding them right.


As your dog ages, giving him Myos Canine Muscle Formula is a no brainer. Our formula helps combat an inevitable problem and contains only Fortetropin, a unique and all-natural ingredient. Help your dog age gracefully with Myos Canine Muscle Formula!

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