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An Ingredient for Mobility

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I hope everyone out there is doing well, staying safe and finding plenty of time for snuggles with their fur babies.


This week I wanted to talk about an ingredient that we haven’t discussed much here. We focus on Fortetropin® a lot because of what it can do for your dog’s muscle health, but there is another ingredient that we here at MYOS HQ really find beneficial for joint health and improved mobility.


In recent months MYOS introduced MYOS Muscle & Mobility Chews with the goal of offering a product that can be used along with Fortetropin that could boost your pup’s muscle & joint health. Our chews are made with collagen, an ingredient that has been shown to improve everything from your dog’s mobility to their coat.


Collagen is an all-natural supplement has been shown to improve mobility in older dogs and dogs whose mobility has deteriorated. It is an all-natural supplement that helps to lubricate and protect connective tissues that support the hips and joints. It not only works well for dogs already experiencing mobility issues but can also be a proactive supplement for dogs who are getting a bit older or for breeds prone to hip and joint issues.


Not only is collagen a great for improved mobility, but it can also improve your pet’s skin and coat health. Dogs with healthy collagen levels tend to shed less, itch less, and have a softer, shinier coat. Not only that, but it can also make their nails healthier.


Adding collagen into your dog’s supplement routine may help improve their mobility and overall quality of life. Combining it with Fortetropin, which has been clinically proven to increase muscle in dogs, can give you a comprehensive solution for your dog’s overall mobility and vitality.

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