Fall Activities to do with Your Dog


Fall is a great time to bond with your dog. Take advantage of the season with these five festive, pet-friendly fall activities!


Take a Hike

With the heat of summer dying down and brisk winter on its way, autumn is the perfect time to take a scenic nature walk with your dog. Enjoy all the colors and smells autumn has to offer, all while getting in some dog exercise. Be sure to bring some snacks, make sure your dog is protected from fleas and ticks, and check their skin after hiking.


Take the Scenic Route
When it’s too chilly for hike, if your dog loves car rides, why not take the scenic route? Your dog will enjoy just being part of the pack and sniffing new smells along any new route you take.


Visit a Farm
There are so many fun things that you and your dog can do at your local farm, such as:


  • Visit the pumpkin patch and /or apple orchard – Give your pumpkin patch visit a twist by letting your pup be the one to pick out the pumpkin. Here’s how: Whichever pumpkin your dog sniffs, that’s the one you choose! As an extra benefit, both pumpkin and apples are healthy for your dog, and you can use them in homemade dog treats.

  • Navigate a corn maze – This is a fun activity for the whole family and, since canines seem to have a better sense of direction than people, your dog will may very well find a way through the maze faster than you.

  • Enjoy a hayride – Does your dog love sticking his head out the window on road trips? Then he’s sure to love a ride through the farm. Hayrides provide your pooch with cool air and some quality outdoor time. Ventures like these are great for social dogs. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash and make sure they’re well-behaved.


Note: Before you venture out, do a webs search or make a phone call to confirm hours, pet-friendly guidelines, or special instructions.


Plan a play date with your dog’s best friend.
If you have a fenced-in backyard or another space where your dog can safely romp and play, why not plan a dog play date? Invite one of your dog’s best furry friends to play, romp, and have fun together. (Plus, play dates are a great energy burn for many social dogs.)


Whichever activities you choose, be safe and have fun!


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