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February 2023 Myos Pet of the Month: Riza


February 2023 Myos Pet of the Month:  Riza


Meet Riza!


She is a 12-year-old retired Military Working Dog (MWD). She had badly atrophying muscles in her right hip and her leg had been sliding out from under her more and more, weakening quite rapidly. After some time on MYOS Canine Muscle Formula®, her family noticed a positive difference in her muscles. She now has boatloads of energy and her leg is staying under her far better than before she started on Myos.


When Riza came to her family, the vet told them she only had a week or less to live. She was supposed to be a hospice case, having very limited mobility in her spine and leg.  That was in January 2022. She proved to everyone she had different plans and wanted to enjoy retirement!

We are so happy to see Riza thriving and continuing to live her best life!

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