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Give the Gift of Health: 5 Best Gifts for Dogs

Looking for the best gifts for dogs? Whether for the holidays, his birthday...or just because, give the gift of health to your furry friend!


Search for “best gifts for dogs,” and you can find thousands of dog products on the market. But, when it comes to giving the gift of health, we have rounded up our top five favorites that are sure to spoil the special little furball in your life.


Top 5 Healthy Dog Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the dog who has everything? Health. That’s what. These gifts are hand-picked by pet-owners and vets so you can be confident they’ll bring joy to your dog any time of the year.


1. Smart Dog Collar by Link AKC

Thanks to new tech-y tracking collar, now you can help keep your favorite pup safe, healthy and happy. This collar comes complete with a GPS tracker and an activity monitor to track how much your pup moves around throughout the day. Think of it as a FitBit for your dog with the added bonus of peace of mind if he ever gets lost.


2. Dog DNA and Health Screening Test by Embark

If you've ever wondered about your dog’s pedigree, this DNA test can help you figure out his heritage. Get to know your dog on a whole new level. Embark screens for over 250 dog breeds and tests for 170+ genetic diseases including MDR1 drug sensitivity, glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, some of the most common adult-onset diseases in dogs. If you adopted or rescued your dog, this gift belongs on your list.


3. Pet Wand Pro Shower Attachment by Waterpik

Looking for something inexpensive that’s good for humans and dogs alike? Every dog owner wants to find a way to make bathtime easier. Worry no more about getting Fido clean. This super handy shower wand can attach to your shower or garden hose making it easy to use inside or outside. It’s designed with your dog in mind to make bathtime faster for you and your pup.


4. A Smart Bone Toy by Wickedbone

Wickedbone is an interactive dog toy that actually plays with your pup when you aren’t able to. This smart robot toy bounces away when your pup chases after it, and even teases him if he stops playing with it keeping your dog active all day! You can even pair it with your Bluetooth to control it through the Wicketbone app!


5. MYOS Canine Muscle Formula

For the dog who deserves the world and then some, give him the ultimate gift of health and longevity. Made from an all natural ingredient (fertilized egg yolks), MYOS Canine Muscle Formula is Veterinarian recommended. Fueled by Fortetropin®, a revolutionary ingredient made through a patented process that preserves the powerful and vital nutrients present in fertilized egg yolks, MYOS Canine Muscle Formula has been clinically proven to help to save lean muscle mass.


Plus, every dog owner knows that the key to a well-trained dog is a tasty treat and dogs go bonkers for MYOS Canine Muscle Formula.


The Best Gift You Could Give Your Dog: MYOS Canine Muscle Formula Made from Fertilized Egg Yolks

We hope this list gave you some healthy gift ideas for your dog and that your furry friends will get everything they deserve for the New Year.


Find out more about MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, powered by Fortetropin for your dog. And, for you, learn more about YOLKED, Muscle Enhancement fueled by Fortetropin.

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