Greyhound Health: 5 Quick Tips for Rescue Dog Owners

Greyhound Health: Quick Tips for Dog Rescue Owners

April is National Adopt a Greyhound Month and the perfect time for learning some simple tips on Greyhound health to keep your rescue happy and strong.

National Adopt a Greyhound Month

Greyhounds are typically bred for racing, which means that they have lived a much different lifestyle than your typical house pet. Many Greyhound adoption and fostering groups have spoken out and put an end to many Greyhound racetracks, and they’re now aiming to find new, caring homes for these retired race dogs. The Humane Society of the United States reports that tens of thousands of Greyhounds are bred every year in effort to create the fastest athletes, with many of those not measuring up to the strict standards of the “sport.”

Since April is National Adopt a Greyhound month, it’s the perfect time to appreciate the beauty of this loving breed. These dogs can sprint over 40 miles per hour, right into the heart of a potential rescue owner. If you’re interested in welcoming a Greyhound rescue into your family, many Greyhound rescue and adoption organizations are available across the country.

The Skinny on These Somewhat Skinny Dogs

Like all dogs, Greyhounds require a nutritionally-balanced diet and exercise. The best indication of a dog's general well-being is its weight and coat condition. However, unless your dog is getting a lot of exercise, he is naturally going to lose muscle. 

Here are a few tips on improving a Greyhound's muscle health:

  • Total caloric intake to maintain a good weight for a Greyhound will be influenced by the dog's age, the amount of regular exercise, health, and weight.
  • A lot of dogs respond well to portion-controlled feeding twice a day. For large-chested dogs that may be susceptible to bloat (like Greyhounds!), smaller meals given more frequently may be a good option to consider. 
  • Always be mindful of the kinds of treats that you serve your pup as some are loaded with fillers. Fortetropin®, the active ingredient in MYOS Canine Muscle Formula®, is a safe and natural ingredient that makes for the perfect snack or meal-topper. It goes far beyond a treat, too; it will help support muscle health, promoting muscle growth while preventing muscle loss!
  • Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds don’t need to run constantly, but they do need moderate exercise. In fact, for new rescue owners, the more you walk and play with your dog in the first few weeks, the easier the transition will be to go from racing Greyhound to family friend. 
  • If your dog is recovering from an injury or severe illness, they may need additional calories than an otherwise healthy dog. Interestingly, Fortetropin® also plays a key role in a dog’s muscle health during the post-surgical recovery process.

Meet Brooklyn: A Greyhound Rescue Brought Back to Health

"When Brooklyn was rescued from a Chinese dog track, he should have had the perfect life. But days after we took him home, he lost one of his legs to bone cancer. Already weak from years of abuse, Brooklyn was having trouble putting on weight. But all this changed when he started taking MYOS! He and his Grey sister Gina each put on six pounds within weeks. I would recommend MYOS Canine Muscle Formula to anyone with a rescued Greyhound, young or old, to promote vigor and help maintain good health.” ~Christine A. Dorchak, President and General Counsel of GREY2K USA Worldwide (

GREY2K USA (@grey2kusa) Worldwide is a non-profit greyhound protection organization that works to end the cruelty of dog racing around the globe.
They are doing amazing work in the Greyhound space, and they’ve recently been using MYOS to help their dogs heal from muscle damage caused by the abuse and maltreatment they experienced during their racing years.





Take a Proactive Approach To Your Greyhound’s Muscle Health

Do you have a Greyhound rescue and want to keep him healthy and strong? Of course you do! Find out more about MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, powered by Fortetropin, to help support muscle health for your dog. And, for your own muscle health, learn more about YOLKED, Muscle Enhancement fueled by Fortetropin.

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