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K9 Veteran Spotlight: Eros the Four-Legged Hero

As we commemorate National K9 Veterans Day, we honor the bravery, loyalty, and invaluable service of our four-legged heroes. Military working dogs have played an indispensable role alongside our armed forces, which is why today serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices these canine companions have made in service to their country, standing shoulder to shoulder with their human counterparts in the defense of freedom and security.


In honor of National K9 Veterans Day, we would like to highlight a very special K9 Veteran, RMWD Eros. Keep reading to learn about his amazing story, shared by his paw-some owner Paige!  


"RMWD Eros serviced in the United States Army for 7 years as a PEDD-Patrol Explosive Detector Dog. RMWD Eros worked over 50,000 hours as a Patrol Dog and worked over 50 United States Secret Service for POUS/VPOUS.


I adopted RMWD Eros in May 2020. RMWD Eros shortly after won Project K9 Hero- Explosive K9 Hero of the Year in 2022 and then he was under the care of Project K9 Hero since then. Over the years RMWD Eros has been the face of Retired Military Working Dogs.

RMWD Eros started taking MYOS in early 2021 and since then he’s been moving and groovin’ in his 11 Years of life. RMWD Eros hips and joint has been very well since taking MYOS. He’s living his best retired life!"

We want to thank RMWD Eros for his unforgettable service  and reflect on the remarkable contributions of all military working dogs. These brave and loyal companions deserve our utmost respect and appreciation, today and every day.
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