Keep Your Dog Active After Age 12

As a dog owner, you know how tough it can be to keep your four-legged friend entertained. And coming up with new ways of entertaining them is almost as exhausting!


But it is important for your dog to be active as they age to help prevent joint pain and muscle deterioration.


This can lead to a type of muscle loss where the muscle begins wasting away known as muscle atrophy.


So how can we keep our aging dogs active?


The first step is to check your dog’s activity level. If you think it might be suffering from old age, then try some different exercises with them or take up training classes that suit their abilities more closely!


Here are a few suggestions to keep your aging dog active:


    • The shell game is a simple problem solving game for dogs. It's easy to play and will have your pup guessing what you're hiding under one of three cups in front them!

    • Tug of War is a game that involves physical strength and agility. Dogs love to play, but it can also be really fun for you too! Trying out tug-of war with your pup will give them some good exercise while keeping things interesting on both sides.

    • You can always teach your dog a new trick, and trust me when I say that teaching them how to weave through your legs is easier than it sounds.


Keeping Your Aging Dog Active


As dogs get older, they may naturally have a tendency to become lazier and slower. Luckily, hopefully these are things you can do in order keep your old dog running around!


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