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Keeping Your Senior Dog Active

golden retriever.

Keeping Your Senior Dog Active

Just like us humans, as dogs get older, they develop some health challenges, and they may not hike or play as vigorously as they used to. Dogs older than seven may slow down and sleep more as they age, and that’s even more reason to keep them active. There are things you can do to make sure your senior dog gets an appropriate amount of regular exercise and activity.


Exercise at Intervals Throughout the Day
Instead of one long walk, consider a few shorter walks (or exercise sessions) for your senior pup.  Depending on your dog’s age and level of physical fitness, you might only want to walk for 5-10 minutes at a time.  Let your dog get lots of rest between walks and ensure they always have plenty of cool, fresh water.


Indoor Exercise

This is ideal for older dogs, and particularly for pet parents without a back yard. For example, older dogs will love things like indoor hide and seek with doggy treats. This encourages them to get active and stimulates their mind, so it’s a workout for brain and body, which brings us to our next topic.


Mental Exercise

Mental exercises, as well as physical ones, are important to keep your canine friend stimulated. Try some of these to exercise their brain:


Brain games:  One of the easiest ways to incorporate brain games into your dog’s daily routine is with their food. Scatter feeding, for example, literally means dotting your pet’s food or a few of their favorite treats around the kitchen or garden instead of placing it in their bowl. When they have to go looking, it works their natural foraging abilities and gets them up and moving in the process. It’s a little messy, but it’s worth it!


Puzzle toys: There are some great interactive puzzle toys available at your local pet store, and they’re designed to get your dog using their natural problem-solving abilities. This helps to boost their confidence and, again, gives their brain a much-needed daily workout.


As always, get advice from your veterinarian to find out what exercises and activities will suit your senior dog. And if you want to give them extra support and muscle mass when they most need it, consider adding Myos Canine Muscle Formula® to their diet and watch them thrive.

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