Muscle Atrophy in Dogs: How to Support Your Pup

Dogs can experience a reduction in muscle mass due to aging or injury. Most often, muscle atrophy in dogs is apparent in large muscular areas, such as their hind legs, which can affect their mobility, impacting their quality of life.

While age-related muscle loss is common for aging pets, there are still a few things pet owners can do to slow down the rate of muscle atrophy in dogs.

Support Your Dog’s Muscle Health

If your dog is suffering from muscle atrophy due to aging, you can help them by prioritizing exercise daily. Even older pets can still benefit from a daily walk, just pay attention to your dog’s signals to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Additionally, the right age-appropriate diet is also important to help your dog maintain healthy muscles and joints. Good quality protein, for example, is vital to provide the right amino acids, which are key for muscular structure and replenishment.

Finally, support from nutritional supplements, like MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, powered by Fortetropin, can also be very beneficial in these circumstances to support healthy muscles. In fact, scientific research has shown that Fortetropin® up regulates the muscle building pathway and down regulates the muscle destruction pathway which results in more lean muscle. Just take a look at more amazing testimonials and the amazing success stories.

“My Dog Used to Struggle to Get Up”

Does your dog struggle to get up? Struggling to stand from a sitting or lying down position can be common in aging dogs, but also very alarming. Discover how Fortetropin helped this two-year old German Shepherd increase muscle naturally in just one month.

The owner, Victoria shares, “I have two male German Shepherd dogs, litter mates, 2 years of age. One of them is experiencing difficulty gaining weight and muscle, he is experiencing hind end weakness, stumbling, struggling to get up, and occasionally falling when going into a turn while running.”

Just after using one container of Myos Canine Muscle Formula with her Shepherd, Victoria noticed a big difference.

“I can tell a marked difference in body composition, weight gain, muscle development and he has a stronger stance. My dog has not fallen once since seeing these improvements. MYOS is an amazing product! I am encouraged and excited to see the benefits in both dogs as I continue to use MYOS Canine Muscle Formula.”

Having had five German Shepherds, Victoria understands the breed well. In the past, she has refused other medications and prefers a more natural approach. “MYOS Canine Muscle Formula made from fertilized eggs, offers a highly concentrated nutritional value, without additives.”

Now, Victoria encourages her boys to play inside and outside the house frequently... and to run while doing so. “It is very important to me that their body has healthy lean muscle to help them stay active.” We’re so happy that MYOS Canine Muscle Formula has helped Victoria’s dogs utilize protein more efficiently to produce more lean muscle.

Increase Muscle Naturally

Assuming your dog’s muscle atrophy is not due to an underlying medical condition (as always, work with your veterinarian to determine the best approach and combination of treatments for your dog), more focus on his diet and exercise can help you to make the most of your time with Fido.

Find out more about MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, powered by Fortetropin for your dog. And, for your own muscle health, learn more about YOLKED, Muscle Enhancement fueled by Fortetropin.

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