The Inspiring Tale of a Rescue Dog's Journey To Her Furrever Home. Meet Alice, our Pet of the Month!


In a heartwarming tale, Alice, a pit bull mix, embarks on a transformative journey that led her from neglect to a loving family. A partnership between Believe In Buster, a dedicated animal rescue, and MYOS set the stage for Alice's comeback. From her rescue of dire conditions in Memphis to her thriving present, MYOS's support has played a vital role in her recovery. This is the inspiring narrative of how one rescue email sparked a series of events that changed lives forever.


From our VP of Marketing Kris Ohrenick, who adopted sweet Alice...


"My family adopted Alice, a pit bull mix, earlier this month after I connected with Believe In Buster, a canine and horse rescue in Central Virginia. We had discussed ways that MYOS and Believe in Buster Rescue could partner together.


Once we discussed our new partnership, the attention was turned to Alice and whether or not she would be a fit in our family. Alice was found chained outside in Memphis, and it was pretty clear that she was severely malnourished and had several very serious health issues. She was scheduled to be euthanized due to a severe leg injury and what was thought at the time to be cancerous masses on her body. The rescue where she was turned in, contacted Believe In Buster to try and help save her from being euthanized. Believe in Buster traveled from VA to TN to pick her up and determine what the course for treatment should be.


Due to her declining health, it was recommended that she be euthanized, but neither Believe in Buster or her new vet wanted to do that. She is quite simply such a sweet dog and everyone wanted to do everything they could to help. At this time, this is where my family and I became aware of her. We decided that this girl needed the life that she deserves and we decided to adopt her once she recovered from her pending surgeries. Over the course of a couple of months, Alice had surgery to amputate her injured leg and remove what turned out to be benign masses.


When we met Alice for the first time, we couldn’t believe that she was such a sweet girl. I keep saying that a dog that has been through this much has no business being this sweet. She has been with us for almost a month and she is thriving. She is building up some much-needed muscle in her rear leg that is helping support her weight. She is currently able to walk about 3 blocks and getting stronger every day. MYOS is an integral part of her daily diet, and it is making a big difference for her.  Our entire family couldn’t be more thankful that an email from a rescue could result in such a positive outcome for everyone.


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