MYOS Pet of the Month: Chaos


This month's featured Pet is Chaos! An energetic 18-Year Old Shichon living his best life! Read what this pups dog dad had to say to about Myos!


"Almost five years ago, I crossed paths with Joe Mannello, the CEO of Myos. He shared with me his endeavor, MYOS, a pioneering company dedicated to creating innovative, research-backed canine health products. Intrigued, I felt compelled to see for myself whether this product held its weight.


My test subject was my beloved 14.5-year-old Shichon, Chaos. A little trooper who sadly could no longer muster the energy to jump on the couch. The prospect of a solution for his dwindling mobility was all the motivation I needed to give MYOS a try.


In just three weeks of using MYOS, the transformation was nothing short of miraculous. My once slow-moving Chaos had regained vitality, walking longer distances and reclaiming his spot on the couch. It was as if MYOS had turned back the clock on his age.


Fast-forward to today, Chaos, despite being 18 years old and dealing with some common age-related issues like reduced sight and hearing, maintains an active lifestyle. Twice a day, he walks for 20 minutes, and within the comfort of our home, he is spirited and lively, full of feistiness and a fervor for food.


In 2020, he overcame a cruciate ligament tear with just therapy, avoiding the surgical route we had to take six years prior for a similar issue. I firmly believe that his daily regimen of MYOS for the past 4.5 years played a crucial role in his remarkable recovery and sustained liveliness.


His vitality often leaves people, including our veterinarian, in awe. Most are amazed by how active and sprightly an 18-year-old dog can be. This, to me, is the real testament to the power of MYOS. It's been instrumental in preserving my dog's spirit, ensuring that he remains the bundle of Chaos we've come to love.


I couldn't be more grateful for Joe's introduction to Myos. It's given me extra precious, quality years with my best friend. MYOS isn't just a canine product—it's a lifeline for aging pets and their owners."

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