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MYOS Pet of the Month: Scully


Meet Scully and read what Tara had to say about MYOS!


“Scully, my now 14 1/2 year-old border collie, was diagnosed with Lyme disease in December 2021. She was treated and recovered, as much as you can recover from Lyme disease, but then developed congestive heart failure in April/May 2022.


After a rough couple of months, we were able to find the right mix of medications to help her heart. However, she lost weight and muscle mass. Given her age and heart condition, we didn't think she would recover.


She remained active, although she had twitching muscles and was hesitant to get into cars, etc. Then in June 2022, I started her on MYOS.


Within a couple of weeks, the twitching stopped, and she became stronger, even managing to jump into the car. She now hikes about five miles a day, and on nice days, she hikes even further. She plays, runs, and behaves like a younger dog!


Scully had lost weight with the heart disease, and was down to 29 pounds. Now, she’s up to 38 pounds!


I can't say enough about MYOS! It has helped Scully rebuild muscle, enabling her to exercise more comfortably. The increased physical activity also boosts her appetite, which had been diminished due to her medication following the diagnosis.


I have MYOS to thank for giving Scully her quality of life back!”


As a reminder MYOS is not intended to cure or treat diseases, but we are glad in this case, to help Scully get back to her younger self! 💛

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