November is National Senior Pet Month

What's better than a lifetime of love? Not many things.


But now you can give your pet senior citizens status with National Senior Pet Month! Yes indeed, November is National Senior Pet Month.


National Senior Pet Month


As veterinary medicine grows and funding for research continues to increase, pets are living longer healthier lives than ever before.


Which means that as their caregivers we should be aware of common aging changes in animals so they don't feel lonely or abandoned during these years when it may seem like life is speeding up instead slow down.


Your pet is all grown up - that means their healthcare requirements will have to change too! As a general rule, older pets might need more veterinary visits than younger ones.


Senior pets are often more delicate and require a lot of care, so it's important to monitor their health conditions. Senior animals can develop arthritis which needs pain control as well as being accommodated in order for them be comfortable.


As pets age so do their joints and they can become inflamed causing discomfort when moving around making taking those extra steps difficult.


It can be overwhelming to think about taking care of our senior pets. There are so many conditions that affect them, and it's hard for humans not having any experience with these things.


So thank you to all of those caregivers who are taking great care of our senior pets and Happy Senior Pet Month to you.


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