Revitalizing Recovery: How MYOS Canine Muscle Formula Can Help Aid Dogs Post-TPLO Surgery

What is TPLO Surgery?

TPLO (tibial plateau levelling osteotomy) surgery is a common procedure used to correct cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) tears in pets. If your dog has had this procedure, you likely know that the recovery process can be very challenging, and your dog will be very limited in how much physical activity they can do for 10-12 weeks.


MYOS' Groundbreaking TPLO Recovery Study

In April 2020, MYOS conducted an important study to explore the effectiveness of Fortetropin® in aiding recovery post-TPLO surgery. Fortetropin® is a unique MYOS product, known for its muscle-building qualities and its ability to help muscle loss due to aging or injury.


Study Design

The study was designed to determine if Fortetropin® could help prevent muscle atrophy in dogs following TPLO surgery. To achieve this, dogs were split into two groups: one received Fortetropin® while the other was given a placebo. The supplement was included in the dogs' diets daily for twelve weeks. We measured muscle thickness, thigh circumference, serum myostatin levels, and conducted static stance analysis at weeks 0, 8, and 12.


Paw-sitive Results

The dogs treated with Fortetropin® showed no significant increase in serum myostatin levels and no significant reduction in thigh circumference compared to the placebo group. This suggests that Fortetropin® is effective in preventing disuse muscle atrophy in dogs undergoing TPLO surgery. 

While undergoing TPLO surgery and recovery can be physically challenging on your dog, you can turn to MYOS Canine Muscle Formula with Fortetropin® as a key ally in your dog's swift and strong recovery after TPLO surgery. MYOS can help give your pet the support they need to bounce back stronger and faster. 

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