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The Cutting-Edge Way to Help Your Dog Combat Muscle Loss

Although many of us think of our dogs as puppies no matter their age, our best friends inevitably get bigger and older as time goes on. In doing so our beloved “puppies” get slower, lose energy, and even experience muscle deterioration. Similar to human’s, dogs of all breeds can experience muscle loss for a multitude of reasons. When a pet is sick or injured, muscle is the first thing to go. Not only is muscle lost, but remaining muscle does not function optimally. Weight loss, both muscle and fat, associated with a sick animal is known as cachexia, whereas muscle loss associated with aging animals that are otherwise perfectly healthy, is known as sarcopenia. Regardless of the cause, it is important to identify muscle loss in your dog at an early stage because maintaining muscle throughout your pet’s life is important for strength, mobility, immune function, and the ability to fight off illnesses and quickly recover from surgery or injury.


Are you concerned that your best friend may be losing muscle? Muscle loss due to aging is actually quite common, and thankfully there is a natural, safe, veterinarian approved product designed to combat your dog’s muscle loss and deterioration.


The Product

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula® is powered with Fortetropin®, a unique bioactive composition derived from fertilized chicken egg yolks. Our patented process safely pasteurizes and dehydrates eggs while preserving all of their nutrients. The formula is created to be free of harmful pathogens, with your best friends health as a top priority. Clinical studies have shown that Fortetropin promotes muscle development and minimizes muscle loss as dogs age and recover from surgery.


How it Works

To help your dog combat muscle loss, give them the amount of formula specified on the packaging based on their weight. Sprinkle our formula atop your dog’s food or mix it with peanut butter, chicken, or whatever their favorite food may be, or find some tasty, dog-approved recipes on our website (however you serve it, they’ll love the taste!). As an added bonus, Fortetropin contains many essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals that support healthy skin, a shiny coat, bone health, cognitive health and improved vision!


Just because our pups age, doesn’t mean we can’t call them puppies anymore, and with

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula, they will feel like puppies again too!

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