12.7 Ounces of Prevention


Greetings Friends,


Millie here reporting poolside on this first week of summer. I’ve been practicing my paddling, but the truth is I’m just a lap dog.


Over these past several months I have received quite a few emails from pet parents asking about MYOS and if it is right for their dog or cat. One of the more common questions we get is whether or not MYOS is meant for a dog who is young, healthy and has not experienced any type of muscle loss.


Quite simply the answer is YES! MYOS can be beneficial as a preventative supplement for dogs as young as 1 year old.


We realize that for many people, their dog’s muscle health may not be the first thing on their mind, especially when they have a healthy, vibrant, and active dog. It makes sense than that many pet parents would not think to add a supplement into their dog’s diet that specifically addresses muscle loss.


The truth is, just like humans, we dogs can lose muscle mass as we age. This can lead to reduced mobility and increased joint issues. MYOS Canine Muscle Formula was actually created with the idea that it would be a preventative supplement to ensure that all dogs have the best muscle health possible so that as they age these potential issues may become less of a risk.


Here at MYOS, we are extremely grateful that we have had the chance to help so many dogs and cats regain mobility and vitality. We have heard so many stories and we are eternally grateful that so many pet parents have put their trust in our products. Our hope is that we can help even more pets by encouraging pet parents to consider MYOS as a preventative supplement that can help your fur babies live their best life for many years to come.


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