Exciting News For Our Feline Friends


Hello Friends,

I hope that you are all having a fantastic last full week of spring. As we enter the summer months, its important to remember to keep your pets cool and hydrated with plenty of water and ice cream. Just kidding folks, we’re fine with just the ice cream!


It’s been an exciting week here at MYOS HQ. The science and research team just announced some exciting news about our latest product, MYOS Feline Muscle Health Formula.


Just this week, MYOS announced that researchers from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine presented a document titled, "Evaluating the Safety and Tolerability of Fortetropin® in Cats" at the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum which took place June 9-12, 2021.  The ACVIM Forum is a conference that brings information about cutting edge research to thousands of veterinarians from around the world.


The document that was presented that was presented at the ACVIM Forum highlights that Fortetropin® is safe and well tolerated by felines at doses ranging from 1 gram/day to as high as 4 gram/day when studied over a two-week duration in a placebo-controlled study.


Although Fortetropin® has been studied extensively in humans and, it has never been studied in cats until now. With the positive results from this recent study, combined with the results we have seen from our canine and human studies, we are confident that MYOS Feline Muscle Formula have the same results we have seen in humans and dogs.


"I am optimistic that this product has the potential to be transformative for cats," said Albert Ahn, D.V.M., Chief Veterinary Adviser, MYOS CORP.  "There are very few high-quality nutrition products on the market that address feline sarcopenia and are supported by results from clinical trials.  Because Fortetropin® is an all-natural nutrition product, we expect it to be well received by feline practitioners, particularly those that belong to the Holistic Veterinary community."


If you have questions about MYOS Feline Muscle Health Formula or any of our other products, email us at info@myospet.com and one of our humans will be happy to assist.


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