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Happy Memorial Day!

Hello Friends!


Happy Thursday! It is officially the unofficial start of summer this weekend! Here at MYOS HQ, we’re working hard to get all your orders out before the long weekend. The humans and I will be taking a break and will be closed on Monday, May 31st for the Memorial Day holiday, but we’ll be back at it on Tuesday!


Let’s go into the long weekend with some inspiring stories from a few MYOS pups out there.


Our first story comes from Chelsie, a customer who’s agility dog has been seeing great improvements in recovery and overall muscle health.


“My dogs are agility dogs- 1 year old, 3 years old, 7 years old. The one-year-old is gradually building muscle and filling out well on this. The 3-year-old is maintaining muscle and looks lean. The 7-year-old started to show muscle wasting along his spine. Almost immediately (and I am not the type to be quick to compliment a product) he started filling in along his spine and looks great now. I've noticed the most difference with the 7-year-old. Will continue to use this product during their agility careers….”


Next, we have Taryn, who has been seeing noticeable improvements in her dog with arthritis.


My 10.5-year-old Cocker Spaniel has been struggling with advancing DJD (shoulders + hip dysplasia). She is NSAID intolerant, which limits what we can give her as far as pain management. She is on max loading doses of joint supplement with MSM, hyaluronic acid via IM injection and oral HA. I admit I purchased MYOS as a last-ditch effort under the “might help, can’t hurt” thought process. In 7 days, I have noticed a BIG difference in her energy levels - she’s bouncing and hopping around, wanting to play. Her joints are not creaking and crunching when she rises from a down to a stand position. Length of time she can be out and about for a walk seems to be increasing. Manufacturer says to give it 30 days for full efficacy, but I credit her recent improvements to the new supplement.”


Last, but not least is MYOS has helped this senior Great Pyrenees.


“I have just placed my third order of Myos Canine Muscle Formula for my very old Great Pyrenees who has a history of TPLOs in both hind legs and a subsequent devastating injury 3 years after the second TPLO. There is no explanation for the improvement in the strength of his hind legs other than this product. And no, I have no affiliation with this company. I am simply deeply touched to watch my old boy be able to walk up two 8-inch-tall steps without support for the first time since his last severe injury 3 years ago. I would have never believed it if I had not seen this happen, two months after I began adding this to his food, which is a high protein freeze dried raw diet.”


 As always, we would LOVE to hear your dog or cat’s story. Tell us your story. Our dog loving humans would love to share your MYOS Journey.


Have a great weekend everyone!





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