Let's Talk About Eggs


Hi Friends!

Millie reporting for duty! I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Yes, even us dogs celebrate V-Day. As you can see, my humans brought home a new friend for me. He’s a little quiet, but I don’t mind.


I thought we would conclude our FAQ series with a question about eggs. Have you ever wondered “What makes using your product different than giving my dog eggs from the grocery store?”


Great question! What makes MYOS Canine Muscle Formula so unique is that it is the only supplement for dogs that contains Fortetropin. Yes, its true that Fortetropin is made from egg yolk, but these eggs are not the same as what you get in a carton from the grocery store. We use eggs that go through a brief fertilization process that has additional nutrients that help support muscle growth and better muscle health. We can maintain all of those nutrients found in the raw, fertilized egg yolk, but deliver it in a safe to eat crumble that you can sprinkle right on your dog’s food.


Yes, I know it sounds simple, but there is actually quite a bit of science involved. Since heat can destroy many of the nutrients found in raw, fertilized egg yolk, we had to find a way to make sure it was safe for your pups to eat without using heat pasteurization. That’s where the magic (aka science) happens. We developed a patented process that makes Fortetropin from what started as raw egg yolk.


Yes, this is a short explanation, but I hope it explains what makes our formula so unique. We know you have questions, and we love to answer them. As always, message us anytime and one of our humans will be happy to respond.


Have a great week!




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