Meet Our Friend Molly

Long time no bark friends,


Millie here! You may have noticed that I took a few weeks off, but I’m back! I may have been away, but I wasn’t resting on my tail. I have been working with our humans here at MYOS to help develop some new products that we will be introducing SOON! I have also been connecting with so many of our MYOS friends about their experiences and success stories.


So…I thought that today I would introduce you to my new friend Molly who has been on quite a journey with her human, Emily…


Molly is an 8-year-old Corgi who recently started using MYOS. Molly's human, Emily shared a bit of her story and we are thrilled about the progress that she has made.



“Molly was a happy two-year old pup till hip dysplasia in both hips sidelined her from her favorite activities. Her parents took her to acupuncture, massage therapy, aqua therapy, and even laser therapy typing to combat her pain and inflammation for many years- not to mention all the medications she was on. Of course, she loved all the attention from her doctors and technicians but “mother knows best” and Molly’s Mom knew she needed to do more to help her be more comfortable. In January 2021 Molly had an FHO (femoral head osteotomy) done on her right hip. Two days after Molly’s surgery her Mom started her on MYOS Canine Muscle Formula which was a game changer in her recovery. 

Two weeks after starting on MYOS, Molly’s mom could not contain this spunky girl, she was a new dog and had done things she had not done since she was a baby- like play fetch! The pain was gone from her eyes, her muscle tone was incredible, and above all she was pain free.”


Molly and Emily have been an inspiration to all of us here at MYOS. How can you not love that face! We keep in touch regularly and always look forward to hearing about Molly’s progress. WE will have more stories to share from Molly and other MYOS dogs soon!

Molly as a puppy - Photo by Emily Biancamano

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