More Than Just the Injury

Happy Fursday Friends,


This week I wanted to talk about getting back to "routine canine life" after surgery or an injury.


Every dog is different and recovery times vary and sometimes it could even be more than just the injury. This got me thinking about reasons that can slow recovery & symptoms that occur after surgery or an injury.


When a dog has surgery or gets injured, it's often hard for them to, "find their groove" again. However, not all dogs need that time back in order do what they love most--running around with you!

3 Symptoms To Expect Post Surgery/Injury

Three symptoms to expect post surgery/injury that are more than just an injury are sleepiness, coughing and licking.


  1. Sleepiness
    Your dog was given a general anesthetic or sedative to help heal their injury. These drugs can take hours in order for the effects of it all to wear off completely, which will affect your pup's behavior during this time period as well!

    Their moodiness may last up until 24-48 hours after receiving treatment.

  2. Coughing
    A dog's trachea can be placed with an oxygen tube during anesthesia. If your pet has had this procedure, they may experience irritation and mild coughing after surgery to clear out fluids from around it. A post-surgical cough should subside within days but if it doesn't reduce on its own or gets worse contact the hospital immediately!

    Always follow your veterinary surgeons advice and care for the wound post-op.

  3. Licking the Wound
    Your dog instinctively may try to clean his surgical site by licking. You may been given an Elizabethan-type protective collar (often referred to as a “cone” or E-collar), please ensure it is used in order to prevent chewing on the incision and sutures.

    I hope these tips help you know what to expect post surgery. None of them are comfortable or fun but they sure enough may happen post surgery.


Have a Fantastic Fursday!

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