Our Latest Product is the Cat's Meow

Hello there, friends! I hope you and your fur babies are having a great week so far and are finding some time to enjoy the spring weather. Here at MYOS HQ, we have been making extra time for walks and games of fetch! Even with my busy schedule, I’ll always find time to get outside for some zoomies.

This week, I wanted talk about a topic that could be a bit uncomfortable for some of us dogs. Before we get into it, I just want to share that I too was a bit uncomfortable discussing this topic, but it is now something I am really excited about. 

So here it is. Let’s talk about…CATS! We are SO excited to finally announce that MYOS Feline Muscle Formula is now available!



That’s right friends, its finally here. After so many requests, we are excited to announce that our all new MYOS Feline Muscle Formula is now available. Just like our Canine Muscle Formula, MYOS Feline is powered by Fortetropin®, our proprietary nutritional formulation that has been clinically shown to increase lean muscle and reduce muscle loss. 

So, why a formula for felines? Quite frankly, if there is one thing that cats and dogs have in common, it is that as they age. Muscle loss becomes a fact of life. Reduced mobility and vitality can lead to muscle atrophy. MYOS has been clinically proven to reduce muscle loss and improve overall muscle health in geriatric animals. Cats who have decreased mobility due to surgery or from the process of recovery from surgery could also benefit from MYOS. 

The MYOS team spent the last year developing MYOS Feline Muscle Formula. We researched, studied, and tested to ensure that we delivered a safe and effective formula for felines.

We are extremely excited to be able to offer MYOS to our feline friends. As it turns out cats and dogs really are not that different. Just like humans, they want to feel their best. Our goal is to give pet parents a real option when it comes to addressing muscle loss and improving mobility and vitality in their fur babies.

Click HERE to learn more about MYOS Feline Muscle Formula!


Until next week,

 Millie Signing Off!

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