Signs That MYOS is Improving Your Dog's Muscle Health


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Happy Thursday! It’s hard to believe that July is winding down. I hope all of you are enjoying the summer and staying safe and healthy. I have been spending my summer as a working dog. Unfortunately, that work seems to mostly be concentrated on cleaning up after my humans.


We have talked a lot about What MYOS Muscle Formula has done for so many dogs. Some people have seen dramatic results very quickly, while for other dogs it can take more time. Every dog is different, but what are some of the most common signs that MYOS is working for your dog?


Improved mobility


In general, one of the first tell-tale signs that MYOS is benefiting your dog is that they can move around better than they were before. We have seen quite a range of improvements ranging from dogs who once had difficulty with climbing stairs and are now able to climb with more comfort and ease to dogs that had severe mobility issues with simply walking from point A to point B who are now able to manage the basic task of walking with more ease. If you are noticing even a slight improvement in your dog’s mobility, this is a sign that MYOS is beginning to work.


Increased vitality and energy


If your dog has had limited mobility for any reason, whether it be age related, due to surgery or a medical condition, you may find that they seem to have less energy than they did before. With improved mobility and increased muscle comes more energy. Think about how we as humans feel when we exercise more regularly compared to when we spend an extended amount of time with decreased mobility. When we are more active, we feel more energetic. Dogs are very much the same. As your dog’s mobility improves, the better they will feel.


Increased Muscle Mass


You would think that a company that makes a product called MYOS Canine Muscle Formula would put this at the top of the list. Truth be told, seeing more muscle in your dog may not be the first thing that you notice, but rest assured that the improvements you are seeing are related to better muscle health. After all, our goal is not to turn your dog into a body builder with six pack abs. Our goal is to bring your dog’s muscle health to a place where they are more mobile and have more vitality. That being said, if you want to determine if your dog is increasing muscle mass, you can measure muscle circumference in areas like their legs and upper body. If you do this prior to starting MYOS and then measuring again after 12 weeks, you may be able to see improved muscle growth.

We always say, “every dog is different”. These are just a few ways to determine the effectiveness of your MYOS regimen. We encourage all of our pet parents to message us with questions and with their own personal stories.

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