Signs That Your Dog May Be Losing Muscle

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Here at MYOS we are all about muscle health. We want to help slow muscle loss and help your four leggers maintain healthy muscle mass. Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs and cats can lose muscle mass for a number of reasons.


In many cases, muscle loss can be a slow process that is not realized right away. Whether it is due to age, health, or recovery from surgery, lets look at signs that your pet is losing muscle mass.


Regularly checking your dog’s muscles can be a helpful way to spotting atrophy in the early stages. In addition to muscles that appear to be shrinking or thinning, other signs of atrophy can include:


  • Weight loss
  • Progressive weakness in the rear limbs
  • Limping or dragging of the paw
  • Unbalanced or loss of coordination
  • Rear limbs that can no longer support body weight
  • Difficulty holding up the body
  • Sagging back or changes in posture
  • Lethargic or less active
  • Crossing the legs when walking or standing


It is possible to the reduce the muscle loss with exercise and adequate nutrition and supplements. Adding a supplement focused on muscle health like MYOS Canine Muscle Formula can help reduce muscle loss and increase lean muscle.


If your dog is experiencing muscle loss, we recommend consulting with your vet to help determine the cause.

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