Tips & Treats for a Safe Halloween

Happy Fursday Friends,


Halloween is a fun holiday. For humans AND PETS. We love Halloween! 🐕  🎃


But I want to make certain we are safe as well. For the kids and the animals. Be careful when you are planning and participating in Halloween festivities so that your pet(s) live and play in safe spaces.  


Consider these tips to keep our pets safe this weekend.


The Pet Costume

For some pets, wearing a costume may cause undue stress. If you do dress up your pet for Halloween and they're not used to it then make sure the outfit doesn't restrict their movement or ability to breathe in order to have fun and function without feeling uncomfortable.

If there are small pieces such as hooks on the clothing which could become detached quickly during playtime with other people's children - these should be removed before use.


If your dog is recovering from surgery then it is best to keep costumes to a minimum.


Treats Are For Kids

Cute little trick-or treating pets need something extra special for their costumes. Make sure you don't give them anything that could hurt or poison your furry friends, like chocolate!


It's also important not to give sugarless candies containing xylitol because this ingredient is toxic in large doses and may cause serious problems with both cats & dogs alike.


Take Care of The Decorations

It's not just humans who need to be aware of the dangers associated with fire during Halloween. Pets, especially those that are curious and playful like kittens or dogs can easily knock over lit jack-o' lanterns which could start fires!


So as you're out there looking for decorations this year make sure they aren't dangerous in nature by keeping an eye on your pet while he/she is around them so nothing unfortunate happens.


A carved pumpkin may look festive but it poses risks too - most pets will eventually find their way into our edible treats (or worse), some candles produce a flame capable enough to burn fur and skin right off an animal if decorations are not placed correctly.




These are the tips I am thinking about and wanted to share. I hope you have a great Halloween and I will see you next week. 


Have a Fantastic Fursday,

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