Time to Snuggle With Your Big Dog

Happy Fursday,


Millie here with another blog post. This week I streamed a new movie about a certain "Big Red Dog" and his adventure in the Big Apple. It was a great film about a 10 foot dog. Can you imagine?


While I am not a movie critic I did enjoy snuggling up on the couch and watching a great movie with loved ones.  Dogs are pack animals and showing them affection empowers them and makes them feel secure.


Snuggling with your dog is great for you too! Humans benefit so much. Cuddling with your pet can lower your heart rate, reduce your blood pressure, and may even stimulate muscle regeneration.


Now, about that 10 foot dog. That sure is a big dog! And, you know what?  I have grown big as well. But I wanted to share a recent baby photo of mine I found. Here I am as a pup:



That dog I saw in the movie is a "big snuggler". So much love to give and share. Take a moment this Thursday to give your pet a big snuggle as well.


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