Tips for Maintaining Animal Muscle Health


Here at MYOS we’re always talking about animal muscle health. You can say it’s kind of our thing. So, we wanted to offer you wonderful humans some tips for maintaining and improving your dog’s muscle health.



Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your Animals Muscle Health

Let’s look at a few basic tips that can help make all the difference in your dog’s mobility, vitality, and overall muscle health. That would be exercise, diet and supplements. So here are the tips:




Think about how much better you feel when you have a regular exercise routine. Whether it’s a daily walk or a more intense routine, your bodies react to regular exercise by giving you more energy, strength, flexibility, and an overall healthy body.


Well, the same goes for dogs. Whether it is a good long walk, a game of fetch, running an obstacle course or swimming, regular exercise can help maintain a healthy body and improve muscle health.  




Maintaining a healthy weight with a nutrient dense diet can help increase a dog’s fitness ability and support healthy lean muscle mass.



When your pup is at a healthy weight, they will have better mobility and more energy all around. As dogs put on more weight, they are at an increased risk of injuring their joints, ligaments, and bones.



A proper diet depends on several factors including the size and breed of your dog. Consult your veterinarian for a diet plan that fits your dog’s specific needs.




Until just a few years ago, there were no supplements that directly addressed muscle loss. Supplements like glucosamine and collagen are great for a dog’s joints, but there was still nothing that directly addressed the muscles.


Fortetropin® has been clinically proven to help reduce muscle loss, increase lean muscle, and even reduce recovery time after surgery. Adding a supplement like MYOS Canine Muscle Formula can help improve your dog’s overall muscle health, leading to more vitality and better mobility.


Final Thought 

Maintaining your dog’s muscle health provides them with the best quality of life possible and "more time together". Taking a few steps with diet, exercise and the right supplements can make all the difference.


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