Top 5 Ways to Exercise with Your Dog


Exercise is vital to your dog’s physical and mental health and it’s even better if you exercise together.  Here are the top five ways you can exercise your with your dog.


Take Your Pup on a Daily Walk

This is probably the simplest thing you can do as a pet parent. Grab your pup, put on their leash, and head out the door.


How much exercise your dog needs is based on a few different factors. One is age. For instance, older dogs tend to need less exercise than puppies. Breed matters too as some dogs are naturally more energetic and athletic than others. Your vet can help you determine the amount of exercise that’s appropriate for your pet.


No matter what their specific recommendations, taking your dog for a brisk walk is a great way to get off the treadmill and breathe in some fresh air. Taking your workout outside offers even more benefits than exercising with your dog indoors, including increasing mental stimulation.


Go for a Trail Run

Running on a trail is better for both people and dogs.  It makes people train harder while running on an uneven terrain and it’s easier on your dog’s sensitive paws.  This is also a great way to take in some beautiful scenery.


Engage in a Game of Frisbee or Catch

Another outdoor activity to consider is playing catch or throwing a frisbee to your dog.  If your yard isn't big enough to throw a frisbee or play catch, go to a local dog park. Whereas most other parks require you to keep your pet on a leash, a dog park allows you to remove that leash and let them run around to get the physical exercise they need.


Join a Dog-Friendly Fitness Class

More fitness facilities are beginning to recognize the desire for pet owners to include their pups in their workouts. Find one near you to keep both you and your dog physically active. Taking a group-based class can make your exercise routine more fun for you and your dog.


One example of this type of class is dog yoga, or doga. Yoga is known for increasing your mindfulness while also improving flexibility, strength, and overall fitness. Doing yoga with your dog can make them a part of this process, offering them greater peace and fitness too.


Other fitness classes to look for include human-canine bootcamps, agility courses, and even tai chi. An online search for "pet friendly exercise classes near me" should give you the options that are available in your local area.


Set Up an Obstacle Course for You and Your Dog

Obstacle courses are good for working a variety of muscles while also honing your balance and coordination skills. If you have a good-sized back yard, you can set up this type of course for you and your dog. Run through it together for a good cardio workout.


Use items around your house, such as filling old milk jugs with sand, spacing them a few feet apart, then running around them in a figure-eight pattern. Add small ramps made of wood with little jumps in between.


You can also find pet-friendly obstacles for sale online. This allows you to create a course as elaborate as you like, keeping both you and your dog engaged in your daily exercise program.

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