Valentine's Day MYOS Treats!

This Valentine's Day, let's not forget our furry companions that steal our hearts all year round. In the spirit of love and paw-sitivity, we're whisking up something special that will have tails wagging with delight, and is packed with all of the muscle health benefits you love from MYOS!


watch video here 



-1 cup almond flour

-1/2 banana

-1/4 cup peanut putter

-MYOS Muscle Formula (amount varies based on your dog's weight)

-2/3 cup greek yogurt

-Handful of dried cranberries


Making the Treats!

1. Mix the almond flour, banana, peanut butter,

and MYOS Muscle Formula together to make the dough

2. Shape the dough into small heart shapes 

3. Add greek yogurt and cranberries to your blender and

blend until smooth to make your icing

4. Drizzle your icing over the heart shaped treats

and you're all done!




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