What To Do With Your Dog This Summer Based on Their Energy Level

It’s finally summer, which means the days spent cooped up inside are officially behind us. Although we’re all excited to soak up the sun this summer, no one is happier about the weather change than our four-legged furry friends. Not only does spending time outside with your dog strengthen your bond and allow you both to take a break and get your legs moving, but this time with your pup also provides important physical and mental stimulation. As excited, as we are to grab our leashes and hit the dog park this summer, it is important to consider your dog’s energy to ensure their summer playtime is safe and enjoyable.

For Puppies and Energetic Adult Dogs

1. Go on a Loooong Walk in a New Place

Become a tourist in your own city together. Summer is the perfect time to walk through a new part of town with your dog. As long as it’s not too hot out, going on a long walk is the perfect way to spend a summer’s day, morning, or evening.

2. Visit an Off-Leash Dog Park or Beach

As necessary as leashes are, they may not always be our dog’s best friends. Off leash parks will allow your dog to do some mingling (and sniffing) at his own pace on his own terms. So let loose, unclip that leash, and watch your pooch become the life of the party.

3. Enjoy the Water

Even on those brutally hot days when all you want to do is sit in the air conditioning, your energetic dog may still be itching to do something active. So swim together in a pool, ocean, lake, pond, etc. Just be sure to confirm your swim spot is pet-friendly, and pack a doggie life vest!

For Dogs Who Still Love Fun, But Also Need Nap time

1. Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Most of us love teaching our dogs new tricks when they’re puppies, but as they get older their drawer of tricks becomes stagnate. Although puppies have malleable minds and may pick up on tricks quicker, older dogs are still perfectly capable of learning. Go on YouTube and find a new trick to get your dog’s brain going, and impress all your friends.

2. Play in the Sprinklers

Sprinklers are the perfect summer cool-down for everyone, including dogs. Running through the sprinklers with your dog will be just as fun now as when you were a kid, and the two of you can enjoy a nap afterwards.

For The Dogs With a Little Less Pep in Their Step

1. Leisurely Evening Stroll

Even if your dog shutters at the thought of movement and a walk, a short stroll is still a viable activity to ensure they are getting exercise, just make sure to go at a time when it isn’t too hot like the early morning or late evening.

2. Relax outside and enjoy the weather

If your dog really has no desire to get physical in the summer heat, don’t force it. Sometimes it can be a really great break for the two of you to get some R & R in warm sun.

If your dog is lacking energy with age, you shouldn’t worry too much as it happens to the best of us. However, when your dog starts to lose muscle, another common occurrence with age, you should consider taking action to help them stay strong.

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula is scientifically shown to promote muscle growth and reduce muscle degeneration, resulting in more lean muscle. Help your dog build more muscle for mobility and vitality so that you’ll get to have fun in the sun with them all summer, and for summers still to come!

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