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Fortetropin® is a proprietary advanced nutrition product developed and owned by MYOS. Fortetropin helps maintain healthy muscle and reduce muscle loss due to aging, injury or surgery. Read our clinical studies and learn more about the power of this groundbreaking product. 


  • Fortetropin® is a unique bio-active composition derived from fertilized chicken egg yolks.
  • Our patented process preserves the biological integrity and bio-activity of nutrients in egg yolks.

  • Our patented process yields a product that is free of harmful pathogens.

  • Scientific research has shown that Fortetropin® up regulates the muscle building pathway and down regulates the muscle destruction pathway which result in more lean muscle.

  • Human clinical research has shown that Fortetropin® promotes muscle growth and development.

  • Research at Kansas State University has shown that Fortetropin® helps minimize muscle loss while improving recovery after dogs undergo a common orthopedic surgical procedure called TPLO.

MYOS is passionate and dedicated to continued science to help pets experience optimal muscle health. Research has shown that better muscle health leads to improved mobility, vitality, and quality of life.

Learn more about our Clinical Research here.