Landmark Clinical Study Published by PLOS ONE. Fortetropin® Inhibits Disuse Muscle Atrophy in Dogs after TPLO.

Research Conducted on the Impact of Fortetropin® on Muscle Health in Dogs

  • 100 dogs participated in a clinical study at Kansas State University to determine the impact of Fortetropin® on recovery following surgery to repair torn ligaments in their limbs.
  • 50 dogs received Fortetropin® on a daily basis for 12 weeks.
  • 50 dogs received a placebo on a daily basis for 12 weeks.
  • Following surgery, the operated limb needs to be immobilized for several weeks and this typically leads to significant muscle loss.

    Eight weeks after surgery, dogs that received Fortetropin® experienced:

  • Minimal loss in thigh circumference compared to the placebo group which experienced a significant decrease in thigh circumference.
  • Improved weight-bearing capacity on the operated limb.
  • Minimal change in myostatin levels while dogs in the placebo group experienced an increase in myostatin levels of ~10%. Myostatin is a protein that “puts the brakes” on the growth and development of muscle tissue.


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