Finally, A Product Clinically Proven
to Help Dogs Build Muscle for
Better Mobility and Vitality!

A Formula Available
Exclusively for Veterinarians

Introducing Our

Vet recommended dog food with Fortetrpin
  • An exclusive formula only available to veterinarians, animal hospitals and clinics 
  • Powered by Fortetropin®, our revolutionary all natural formula that has been clinically proven to build lean muscle
  • ​Includes additional branch chain amino acids for added muscle support
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Just like us humans, dogs often lose muscle mass as they age. Adding a daily serving of MYOS Canine Muscle Formula® to your best friend's diet can help support their muscle health.


Fortetropin® is a revolutionary ingredient made through a patented process that maintains the powerful and vital nutrients of Fertilized Egg Yolk. These unique egg yolks are all-natural and have complex molecules that have been clinically proven to increase muscle size and mass.


Our Vet Strength Formula is available exclusively to veterinarians. This advanced  supplement is powered by Fortetropin® and contains additional branched-chain amino acids (BCCA's) for added muscle support. 

In a veterinary clinical study at Kansas State University involving 100 dogs recovering from TPLO surgery, daily use of Fortetropin® led to (i) reduced muscle atrophy, (ii) improved recovery from surgery and (iii) reduced  rise in serum myostatin levels when compared to dogs that received a macronutrient-matched placebo. 

The impact of BCAAs on muscle gain is well documented in the peer reviewed scientific literature.  The combination of Fortetropin® and BCAAs should work together in synergy for improved muscle health in dogs.

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