MYOS Canine Muscle Formula®Now Covered at 90% by Most Pet Insurance Companies

Most pet owners consider their pet as a member of the family and are willing to go to great lengths to care for them, but preventative health care and veterinary costs are expensive. For the 81% of U.S. pet parents who consider their dogs and cats to be equal members of their family, State Farm decided to partner with Trupanion and provide the option to add pet insurance coverage. 

Pet Insurance Can Result in Improved Care

The idea behind this partnership is to help dog and cat owners make the best decision possible instead of the least expensive one due to financial restrictions. 

The last thing any animal owner wants to deal with is deciding between whether or not they can afford to keep their beloved pet healthy. No one wants to face this decision. Signing up for pet insurance can help alleviate these associated costs and stressors. 

State Farm Unleashes Medical Coverage for Pet Owners Through Trupanion

According to a recent article in Veterinary Practice News, State Farm will now offer medical coverage for pet owners to purchase medical coverage for their furry friends through an expanded partnership with Trupanion. “We’re excited to expand our alliance with Trupanion and offer this product as a way to help even more customers prepare for and recover from the unexpected.”

Recognizing the unique bond that Americans have with their pets, the Trupanion policy reimburses 90% of covered veterinary costs that arise from a pet getting sick or injured. But coverage also applies to supplements, including MYOS Canine Muscle Formula.

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula is Covered 90%

Budgeting for pet expenses such as food and supplements can be overwhelming. Bills can add up quickly. Which is why we are excited to announce that MYOS Canine Muscle Formula® is covered by most pet insurance companies up to 90%! 

Pet insurance is an excellent investment for pet owners to be able to give their pet the quality care they deserve. Now, pet owners can have financial peace of mind, helping them focus on keeping their pet healthy and strong without cost-related stress.

About Fortetropin

Just like humans, dogs can lose muscle mass as they age. Fortetropin is one of the few supplements that promotes muscle health in dogs that is backed by veterinary clinical research.

Adding a daily serving of MYOS Canine Muscle Formula powered by Fortetropin® to your furry friend's diet can help support their muscle health, keeping them healthy and happy.

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