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  • Keep Your Dog Active After Age 12

    As a dog owner, you know how tough it can be to keep your four-legged friend entertained. And coming up with new ways of entertaining them is almost as exhausting!   But it is important for your dog to be active after they reach the age of 12 because this will help prevent joint pain and muscle deterioration.   This can lead to a type of muscle...
  • Improving Your Senior Dog's Mobility

    This week we are going to talk about mobility. Just like humans, mobility can decrease as we dogs age. As your four-legger ages, you may notice that they need a bit more help getting around and may not be as active as they once were.   Just because your dog may slow down a bit doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice those daily walks and play time. L...
  • Something To Chew On

      Happy Fursday all you cool pups! Millie here! This week my humans and I celebrated my birthday! Don’t ask how old I am. I can never figure out the difference between human and dog years. Mom and dad cooked me a fancy dinner and gave me some yummy treats to celebrate. On to business! We’ve been getting a lot of messages asking us about our MYO...
  • How Dogs Can Improve Mental Health

    Studies show that dogs can improve mental health, reduce loneliness and depression and even trigger similar neural pathways as the parent-baby bond.  The Canine Calming Effect  The canine calming effect is truly unique.  Researchers have increasingly recognized the therapeutic value of our relationship with pets, particularly dogs. These ther...
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